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Hans Peter Feldmann sculpture

Untitled, Hans-Peter Feldmann

Courtesy the artist and Simon Lee Gallery London and Hong Kong

Current exhibition: ‘Art Exhibition’ by Hans-Peter Feldmann

6 May – 22 July 2017
Tuesday – Saturday: 12 – 5pm, free admission.
East GalleryNUA

East GalleryNUA is delighted to exhibit work by the ground breaking German artist, Hans-Peter Feldmann. Feldmann has exhibited in many major art venues worldwide, he was included in the Venice Biennale in 2009 and was awarded the prestigious Hugo Boss Art Prize in 2010.

Feldmann’s work is held in collections in the UK (Tate), the USA (Guggenheim, Hirschorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington), Denmark (Louisiana Museum) and Spain (MACBA, Museo Reina Sophia, Madrid).

This exhibition of Hans-Peter’s work at East GalleryNUA will be the first major showing of his creative output in the region.

Hans-Peter is well known for appropriating objects and making astute interventions that are often humorous, and frequently barbed. Copies of old master paintings are revised and don red noses or incongruous tan lines: toys are used for their ability to cast unsettling shadows and versions of celebrated sculptures are luridly subverted – Michaelangelo’s David, for example.

The appeal of Hans-Peter’s work is well narrated, but this exhibition includes a selection of outputs that present a cross-section of practice within the context of a contemporary, city-centre location. The selection of paintings, photography and sculpture echo the nature of the space and mirrors his interventionist approach to image and object making.

Hans-Peter’s modified portraits and seascapes highlight the mutability of history as it is portrayed and perceived through pictorial representations of ‘life’. The anonymity of the works bring into question the value of art ‘for the record’ or as any kind of safe deposit for familial or maritime heritage. For East GalleryNUA, the spectacle and humour of the work are appropriate lures for visitors to enter the gallery, with David as one of the key components of the show, enticing the passing viewer to engage with the deeper and perhaps more melancholic elements of the work.

Showing Hans-Peter’s work here in Norwich is a prospect not to be underestimated. This is real coup for the City, and is hugely relevant to the history of the region, the University and its long-standing affiliation for bringing the best and most relevant work to audiences here from Europe. Our thanks go to the artist for his keen cooperation in holding this exhibitions, and to Simon Lee Gallery, London, without whose kind support, this show would not have been possible.

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Untitled piece of art by Hans Peter Feldman depicting a dollar bill

Untitled, Hans-Peter Feldmann

Courtesy the artist and Simon Lee Gallery London and Hong Kong


One pound of strawberries, Hans-Peter Feldmann

Courtesy the artist and Simon Lee Gallery London and Hong Kong

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