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#We Are NUA
#We Are NUA
BSc Games Development work by Bartek Biszkont showing a screenshot of the machine and laser-based puzzle game.
Three fabric stop-motion puppets, of a humanoid amphibian, grandmother, and life-size pigeon, by Daisy Crockford
A technician doing a demonstration of 'the pour' in the foundry in the 3d workshop watches a large (controlled) flame while pouring molten metal to make a sculpture
BA Fashion Communication and Promotion work by Gigi Soh showing photographs of a person with orange eyeshadow and petals on their face
Person standing with tattoos on their arm, rainbow flag in background and they have blonde hair and glasses on
This animated GIF conveys the adaptability of peg-wall components and bespoke ‘oversized nest tables’. This format allows the modular nature of the elements to be demonstrated, as well as the appeal and ease of the interactions necessary to alter their positions.
Two figures strike a pose in long monochrome dresses, with their faces obscured by the shadows from their extremely wide-brimmed hats. Together, their silhouette is almost a circle on the white background
A student lines up their materials for laser cutting in the digital studio
Environment Concept Painting of a Sci-Fi inner city
Sue Chowles teaches a student in the fashion workshop. The student is holding a pattern and watching Sue mark fabric which she's holding up to a mannequins shoulder
A 3D render of a half-face visor, half of it is very convincing as a real world object with lighting and textures, and the other half is a 'net', white floating object with no lighting or texture, with grid lines to show the 3D shape.
Fabrics by Textile Designer Emma Bowd which have been created through Polychromatic Printing
BA Photography work by Maddy Brown showing a portrait of a woman dressed in black and burgundy wearing a large feathered hat riding a horse
BA Fashion student Eli Kiko sat in front of a draped mannequin at Norwich University of the Arts
BA Design for Publishing work by Nina Avery showing an opening magazine spread titled Obsessed With Muay Thai, with an image of a high intensity Muay Thai sparring session.
Packaging design work by Tom French showing a bright and striking design for an energy drink called Powerplant
A student leans in with a DSLR to shoot their project in the animation studio
A loom with thread set up, the thread is yellow, pink, blue, and purple
Graphic Communication Work by Sian Wong showing three posters for the ASOS Croc Restock Campaign. Printed with black backgrounds and pink/purple doodles they read
BA Graphic Design student Leona sits in graphics studio at Norwich University of the Arts
Screenshot from graduate portfolio film 'Jollof' shows a Nigerian mother, her face is full of emotion, she looks simultaneously sad, concerned, and skeptical. She wears a yellow, lilac, and green necklace of cylindrical beads, a repeating patterned top with wide neck and short sleeves, and her hair wrapped in brown cloth.,
Image of inflated ballons with lights inside them on display in a gallery space
A student masks off the edge of a silkscreen to start printing on to fabric
Qian Sun stands in front of a red brick wall. She has long straight hair with auburn highlights, wears round framed glasses, and a dark navy pullover over a button up shirt
BA Fine Art painting by Rebecca Foster-Clarke showing a bathroom scene with a woman in the bath, a spider in the window, bath tap, ceramic mirror and a shelf with a candle stick and flower.
A student sets up their project underneath a camera in the animation lab
Bradley Fletcher stands in the architecture studio. Bradley has long blonde hair and wears a green polo shirt and blue jeans.
A film camera on a tripod, being aimed by an attached metal arm extending from the base of the camera
Tanicha wears a black and white speckled blouse with puff shoulders, over a black top and black trousers. She is laughing, standing behind a film camera on a tripod
A member of staff gives 1 to 1 support to a student in the Digital Darkroom, who works on their images of a model sat facing away from the camera, with vibrant purple and yellow lighting. The student is working on a large iMac screen which has a black hood to protect the colour integrity seen.
Yuyu Tse wears an orange roll neck jumper, and stands in front of a colourful pattern on the wall
2 hexagonal prisms, or square pillars with bevelled corners, with a blue speech bubble icon on to, are circled by conceptual interface idea. One has a cross above it, the other a tick
Sarah Venn stands in front of shelves of yarn and thread. Sarah wears oblong frame glasses, and has long brunette hair with a fringe.
Pheya Tibelsky profile. Pheya stands on the bridge over the river, near the NUA St Georges building. She wears a quilted khaki jacket
Valeria Golbans concept art for an architectural project shows a large oblong structure, with a secondary cladding of glass
A student with long straight hair draws in pencil at a wooden easel. In the background, large scientific posters show the musculature of the human body.
A student in denim jacket and grey beanie picks up equipment from the media resource. A bright yellow box sits on the counter and in the background there are racks of hardware and accessories for students to borrow.
A student works in the model making workshop, creating realistic tree trunks, which are gnarled and spooky

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A student fixes yarn to the wall of a white studio space. Other than the white floor, walls, and fixtures, the room is dotted with colourful painting on the wall
Students walk under a large brick archway in one the NUA Garth buildings near the Monastery

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