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At Norwich University of the Arts, we are a community of makers and creators. We are sculptors, animators, designers, filmmakers and curators to name just a few. Explore the work we create, that leads us to inspire on our creative undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses.

My career highlight is now, working with creatives at the start of their animation journey & balancing a personal practice of short filmmaking.
I am interested in how sculpture is formed out of inert materials such as clay, wax & plaster.
Desmond Brett
Creative projects and ideas people help find solutions to issues in society and offer space to help us understand our world.
I have worked on several documentaries and it is a privilege and wonderful journey that I have permission to document the subjects.
I work across mixed media, mainly in 2D and I also create puppet animations.
Professor Suzie Hanna
Drawing is at the heart of all I do. I am always spotting patterns, rhythms and shapes in the built environment & nature.
I make functional pieces in porcelain. Porcelain attracts me because of its purity and fascinating history.
Dr Caroline Fisher
As a dyslexic person, I'm interested in the shape, form, meaning, sound & representation of words.

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