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– Sympathy, Mark Amos, 2013

Mark Amos

MA Communication Design

Mark Amos’s critical design research ideology is to develop outcomes that challenge and explore the influences of predictive concepts, conditioning and assumptions that our memory and sensors necessarily resemble.

The meaning of colour and our emotional response has been set by history, literature, art, science and culture. We use colour throughout design, art and architecture to evoke response and communication. We use it to inform and set hierarchies of information.

Amos provides a snap shot of how in a Western culture we predominately see colour as an emotional force that effects the way we react or suggest feelings in the same way music can evoke mood, physical interaction, and personal taste. He demonstrates a record of the boundaries that colour sometimes imposes on our emotion. He sets out to prove we all do not see colour in the same way.



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– Enthusiasm, Mark Amos, 2013

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– Resentment, Mark Amos, 2013

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– Action, Mark Amos, 2013