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– ‘Mirror Noise’, Jamie Gledhill, 2013

Jamie Gledhill

MA Moving Image and Sound

Jamie Gledhill’s practice is a digital alchemy of artistic, technological and sometimes sociological experimentation. His work, which is both creative and technically innovative, is broadly speaking at the intersection of electronic musicianship, realtime video manipulation and event production.

‘Mirror Noise’, which was recently exhibited at the Forum, Norwich, employs edge and movement detection techniques to create gestural interaction based on movement captured via webcam. Instinctive and intuitive sensory responses are elicited by directly engaging viewers’ bodies as instruments of interaction within large scale and immersive audiovisual scenes.

Fascinated with the emotional and symbolic possibilities of body-as-interface, Jamie draws inspiration from historic traditions of the ritualistic use of space and ideas of emancipation through play. He favours the placement of work within readily accessible public spaces and is keenly interested in sociological aspects of the way in which individuals and groups regardless of age, gender, language and culture, take to the viewer-as-performer experience.




– ‘Zeitspiel’, Jamie Gledhill, 2013


– ‘Noisescapes’, Jamie Gledhill, 2013