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Andrea Sanders

MA Curation

My practice is centred upon using curation as a tool to educate and engage the public. By creating exhibitions that are physically and mentally interactive I hope to appeal not only to the traditional museum-going crowd but also to reach a broader audience who may not have prior interest or knowledge of the subject at hand. This requires careful research regarding the demographics of the existing and targeted audiences, as well as creating new and innovative exhibition techniques, embracing a multi disciplinary approach, and including aspects from a variety of fields. Museums today need to be increasingly aware of target audiences and visitor figures for their collections and visiting exhibitions. I believe that by drawing in audiences and then engaging them in the subject matter with positive interaction they will be more likely to take knowledge away from it and enjoy the learning experience, therefore becoming more likely to be a repeat visitor. My ideal position for the future would be working in a large museum environment as part of the public education programme.