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– Closed Circuit, Alexandra Blythe, 2013

Alexandra Blythe

MA Fine Art

Through her work as socially engaged arts practitioner and therapeutic arts facilitator, Alexandra Blythe examines a variety of questions on the origins of inspiration.

A particular dimension which has become apparent is the effect that one’s personal level of mental disengagement has on the qualities of spontaneous, or non-autonomous, creativity.

Considering such levels of disengagement to be a continuous spectrum; via logician, scientist and artist, through psychotic and beyond: the question is, how does one’s position on the spectrum affect, one’s ability to engage with, and one’s methodology surrounding artistic inspiration and interpretation?

Using film to negotiate theoretical praxis at various points of this spectrum: Alexandra Blythe has derived a methodology of comparison between different levels of engagement with inspiration, and through this research examined and strengthened her own artistic position.

Leaving audience engagement with, and interpretation of, each film open to question reflects the ethereal nature of the original proposition and the infinite variety of personal experience brought into play.



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– Cloud Dancer, Alexandra Blythe, 2013

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– Signals, Alexandra Blythe, 2013