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Wai Li

Illustration has been my passion ever since I began to draw at early age. Over periods of time I’ve explored different media, which has helped to expand my skills development. Coming from an Eastern background I developed an interest in graphic novels that originated from Eastern countries, particularly Japan. Over time my observations have expanded across western countries and I began exploring the differing cultural approaches toward illustration and graphic novels.

What I became fascinated with was the process of being able to transfer a message across audiences by simple yet effective visual metaphor language. As I continued throughout my study I learnt to embrace my drawing skills and utilise them to create my own individual form of visual communication.

Ultimately I want to develop my own voice where my practice reflects my personality and cultural heritage.


Illustration of cartoon characters

– Illustration of cartoon characters

Graphic poster

– I am who I am

Infographic poster

– What does the public know about Chinese culture and its identity?