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Susan Barrett-Kelly

My art is inspired by the natural world specifically water. I have had a fascination with water since childhood especially the sea and more recently ponds. I am intrigued by the apparent tranquillity of the pond. This tranquillity belies the activity abundant below the surface of the water of which we are not aware.

I capture pond life which I then photograph under a microscope. This allows me to share the beauty of creatures that go unnoticed and are often not visible with the human eye. Using a complex system of filters I add colour to these images which are printed onto paper made from foliage found from around the pond.

This exhibition is a series of images of pond creatures which have all been captured from one location over the period of a year and is a window into the life of the pond.

Microscopic image

– Plankton 1

Microscopic image

– Plankton 2

Microscopic image

– Plankton 3