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Ruth Philo

“The important thing is to be aware that one exists. For three-quarters of the time during the day one forgets this truth, which surges up again as you look at houses or a red light and you have the sensation of existing in that moment.”
Jean-Luc Godard (Artesian Issue 3 Time 2010)

These paintings are about moments in the garden, forgotten and remembered fragments that are renewed each year. Painted between January and August 2011, they are like conversations, often spontaneous, exploring the interplay between gesture and touch. I am interested in the physicality of the medium and the sensory experience of colour – the process of painting always informs the outcome.

“In looking at paintings the task is not to understand them or to read meaning into them, but to accept them as experience, to be with them and to begin from there.”
Ian McKeever In Praise of Painting (University of Brighton 2005) p61


Detail of a painting

– 6.30

Detail of a painting

– 2.30

Detail of a painting

– 11.00