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Richard Booth

My background and interests lie in the exploration of typography within communication design. Following on from my previous institutionalised way of utilising typography for designs, I began to question the rules; which are often applied in a dogmatic way.

I became interested in how the rules of fonts and typographic design are influenced by trends; this leads to a contradiction of “values” (thus creating binary opposites) within certain fonts. An example would be two of the fonts I looked at: Architype Van Doesburg and Pistilli Roman. The first font was designed at the start of the modernist period and had progressive ideologies, where as the latter was designed years later and coincided with postmodernists reflecting on past traditions for answers. My project is concerned with the breakdown of these binaries, the fusion and finally the hybridity of two different fonts.

I feel that my work has shifted my perspective of how design can be applied. The work, is a starting point which could lead me down to much more diverse opportunities, these could be: based around the breakdown of language and the re-representation of a symbolic phonetic alphabet, scientific hybridity, or even a pure visual application for textiles, interiors or moving image.

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