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Mark Brindley

League of Occupations

Embroidered and constructed textile work
Vocation sports jerseys
Football Graphics

League of occupations is a pastiche of the visual identity used in football and is about the celebration of tradition and heritage of football in England.

This work responds to the Football Association’s ‘Get into football’ campaign as the designs are intended to support an initiative of encouraging people to combine their working life with an involvement in the sport.

This project will support my research into various topics about the convergence of popular cultures, and to understand how communities and trends can be generated. The methodology involved an interrogation into the science of signs, symbols, and the role of symbology in culture and society.

My work has been inspired by the use of symbology by Trevor Paglen, constructivist philosophy of Varvara Stepanova, and the demonstration of football fiction by Chris Toy.



– The Integration of Popular Culture

Football jersey badge

– League of Occupations

Football club badges

– League of Occupations