Image credits

Laura Cain

My practice was very technical based before embarking on my Masters Degree.  I gained a BA (hons) in Graphic Design Photography from NUA and worked as a family portrait photographer. My time spent on Animation and Sound Design Masters has allowed me to work using my passion for traditional animation techniques along with a fascination of figure representation in art.  This is realised in my Masters Project by working with stop motion and direct animation onto film.  My work is autobiographical presenting images of my body and flesh, using very direct and personal techniques resulting in direct short films alongside installations pieces taken from the animation process. The full body stop motion film responds to self image frustrations. The second direct animation is a form of autobiography showing the largest organ of the body, the skin, in its entirety, on film.

Close up of flesh

– Flesh one

Print of a naked body

– Body

Close up of flesh

– Flesh two