Image credits

Jack Stewart

For my masters project I have created two videos. The first is an exploration of a journey through life. 3D Motion graphics are used to reveal connections between different cellular organisms. The second is a music video for internationally selling musician Magnet Man, which showcases my art direction skills as head of a post-production team. The video has been entered into the BBC music video festival and will be shown on the Forum’s Fusion screen in Norwich from 19 September to 1 October 2011. The video will also be broadcast on popular music video channels, including Tele Cristal in Cuba. After graduating I will be moving to Bristol to work for the BBC producing motion graphics and editing wildlife documentaries, a success that an MA at NUA has helped me achieve.

Cityscape still

– Sunshine Girl – still from Magnet Man

Location still

Filmed on location – still from Magnet Man

Title still

In Cuba – still from Magnet Man