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Colin Ainsworth

My recent work is mixed media, using autobiographical and personal archival subject matter. It comments on ageing, sensory loss and being an artist. The messages are indirect, rather gentle, poignant, humorous and intentionally confusing.

Palimpsest is a key motivator for me, whereby:

  • messages and meanings are ‘laid down’ over each other, erased but often faintly visible
  • re-writing, retelling, re-making one’s own perception of self occurs
  • new fragments, truth and myth cause a shift in perception of who we think we are, and why we do what we do.

My art practice has fallen into three phases over forty-plus years:

  • making and teaching performance art
  • studio-based painting
  • a synthesis of these earlier interests


Multimedia installtion including a typewriter

– Mum and Dad’s Story 3D section – detail #1

Multimedia installation including nested table

– Un – nested

Stamp image overprinted with text

– Mum and Dad’s Story movie section – detail #2