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Barbara Dougan

My interests lie in concepts of progress, threat, survival, and sustainability. Work has investigated different issues within this broad theme but is united by a sense of fragility and struggle in the face of threat.

Current work is personal, political and empathetic. It provides a cathartic release for my struggles to understand political and social ‘progress’. It seeks to express the frustrations and impotence of people who are cowed or disregarded by the political process and public policy due to accidents of birth, location, health or opportunity.

Actions defined by constraint or confinement are recorded as films and drawings. These metaphors of anger and futile struggle prompt a visceral response in the viewer, which combines compelling empathy with a resistance to becoming drawn in or implicated.


Drawing methodology

– Still from Born Equal II

Drawing methodology

– Still from Unentitled

Charcoal drawing

Action drawing 240711