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Victoria Cank

MA Fine Art

My research crosses between psychology and art, considering in particular the loss and degradation of memory. Over time our perceived memory of an experience will change and become influenced by many other factors in our lives. I seek to find a way to turn a memory into a physical form that is able to exist within space and time.

Anxiety over the loss of my own memories has informed much of my work. By adopting a working methodology driven by a set of rules, I have used photographs from events during my life to generate abstract inkblot imagery whose result is unknown and random.

By harnessing the advances in new technology, I have used 3D printing to translate these images into a physical form that begins to intrude on space. Something that only existed inside the mind is able to become part of the physical world, but in a form that is far removed from the original experience. A memory that was once imperceptible becomes tangible.


– I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth


– Liar, Liar


– The Residue Of Memory


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