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Vanessa Norris

MA Textile Design

Title of Project: Atomic Living

Inspired by landscapes of the Hiroshima atom bomb explosion, I have designed and developed inflatable floor cushions and lounge seating. These are lightweight and easy to transport at a moment’s notice to a variety of locations, from indoors to outdoors. Fabric storage compartments will also be incorporated into a selection of my products, making the Atomic Living range not only unique due to the exclusivity of the print designs but also extremely functional and user-friendly. There will also be a range of exclusive silk cushions.

Informed by the Hiroshima site, I will be researching the natural wildlife that regenerated far quicker than predicted. For example, the beautiful and exotic Canna flower, which flourished and became a symbol of hope after such a catastrophic moment in time. These inspirations will be the driving force behind my fabric print designs, which will adorn my product.

Design Theme: Triumph over Adversity

Techniques and Processes:
Bleach on black Quink ink for striking and shocking colour contrasts.
Textures incorporating a sense of erosion.
Bold, large scale brush marks depicting the explosive suddenness of it all.


– Canna Flower image


– Silk Cushion Explosion


– Aerial texture edited