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Sebastian Jansen

MA Moving Image and Sound

My work is based on the over-arching theme of contemporary surveillance. The project Wake Up: Log On combines sound design, digital drawings and poetry into an installation that explores the extent to which surveillance technology is now embedded within our everyday lives.

My work addresses the viewer directly. As the title Wake Up: Log On suggests, my intention is to provoke a debate, to create a response.

We live in a society that, functions to a degree, on the constant use of surveillance practices. Technology has created the opportunity for mass blanket-surveillance to become a reality.

As part of the research for the project I attended the Surveillance Studies Network (SSN) international conference held in Barcelona in April 2014.

Over seventy academic papers were presented about contemporary surveillance in a wide range of contexts.

The project Wake Up: Log On draws from research material presented at the conference, which has been combined with recorded interviews, newspaper reports and textual analysis of academic writing on the development of network societies and surveillance.


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