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Rhona Fleming

MA Fine Art

Title of Project: Thresholds

There is a world of in-between-ness that demands my attention. That ambiguous threshold place of synchronicities, of illusion, where nightmares loom, disasters occur, or opportunities arise. The architectural space behind the curtain, the window reveal, the bookcase that is actually a door. In social space, it is the place of the itinerant, the migrant. In psychological space, the dream or the feeling of things being not quite right. In philosophical terms it is the realm of phenomenology, of direct experience, where mind and body cannot be separated and of the uncanny. There is an invasion or infection from other times and sensibilities.

On the art spectrum, it is the exploration of painting and where it is in the 21st century. Research encompasses the Supports/Surfaces group in France in the 1970s, currently viewed through the lens of the ‘New Casualists’ of west coast America via the ‘provisional’ German painters of recent decades. The painting is dismantled, reviewed and reassembled in ways that reflects the current zeitgeist.

From the stance of a firmly intuitive artist, I look to subvert the underlying structures of the everyday environment and to make art that embraces instability and precariousness by the process of its production.


– ‘He who dares not grasp the thorn’, 1.2m wide x 1.5m high, mixed media on canvas


– ‘Painting on Painting’, 1.2m wide x 1.5m high, mixed media on canvas


– ‘Reveal’ 0.91m wide x 1.5m high approx., mixed media on canvas


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