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Redwan Elharrak

MA Communication Design

Redwan’s investigation has been into the depths of the grid – what it is, its origin and how it came to be, as well as the socio-political aspects it carries that shape space and ultimately the world we inhabit.

The grid is of personal interest to Redwan and his practice, by dealing with an array of disciplines that fall under the notion of design and applying the universal idea of harmonious proportions through a calculated means alongside an intuitive sensibility. This is in order to communicate clearly and concisely.

His research has lead up to a point of realisation that involves the underlining structure of life itself which has in part explained our habit to build and expand. The grid is clearly evident in both the cells that divide and then stack like bricks, to the bricks we know of that make up the buildings we live in. It is with this understanding of the grid’s importance that Redwan has affirmed his clean, reductive and strictly necessary approach within his work citing pioneers such as Josef Müller-Brockmann, as well as figures who step outside the confinements of what design is, such as the polymath Bruno Munari.

Ultimately the above can be disregarded – his work, and ethos, is better explained succinctly by the Swedish word, lagom.


– Golden Canon, The Grid poster series, 2013. Four A2 posters designed using and exploring 4 different grids. 180gsm Satin Gloss paper.

Fabric print

– Golden Ratio Surface, 2014. Fabric print based on a tessellated golden ratio grid. 31” X 37” Suede. Screenprint.


– GRII, 2014. 15.85” X 20” Canvas. Industrial black metal paint, matte black spray paint, bronze paint powder, white acrylic paint.


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