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Nikkita Morgan

MA Textile Design

Research title: North of Ireland

The focus of my work is a response to political issues, specifically referring to the North of Ireland conflict. It focuses on the historic, contemporary, political and religious outlook of the struggle and is viewed from my own personal perspective from growing up during these troubles.

My work pushes the boundaries of design by utilising conventional art-making materials and processes. This is fundamental to the production of the work as paper, acetate and steel are key to conveying ideas relating to transience, fragility and damage; as a method of recording the emotions and reactions to the conflict, this is also represented through my specific colour palette.

I am driven to confront what continues to be the on-going reality of life in the North of Ireland. My objective is to provide the viewer with an aesthetic experience: my intention is that by interacting and engaging with the work the viewer will be challenged to consider their own personal reaction. In the words of Fionna Barber I have attempted to, “develop a language of impassioned engagement as a means of articulating emotional responses to the political situation in the North.’ (Barber, F & Johnston, M, 2009)

Recipient of an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) bursary 2013-14


– Shades of soldiers


– Soldiers of steel


– Reflections of conflict


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