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Laura Dennis

MA Curation

Laura Dennis is an independent curator based in London and working internationally. Laura is interested in curatorial projects that explore social, historic and cultural contexts. She works to develop an approach whereby the underlying narratives of people, places and moments in time can be shared clearly and imaginatively. To date, Laura has achieved this via a curatorial practice focussed on the commissioning of art for public spaces. Her MA studies have allowed her to broaden this approach, experimenting with a variety of exhibition formats and through the display of a wide range of material. For her Masters’ Project Laura co-curated the exhibition Afteryears, on show at The Gallery at NUA. Displaying works selected from the Arts Council Collection, the exhibition considers the work of British artists in the years immediately after the war. Through the exhibition, Laura describes the public and political attitudes towards state patronage of the arts during the original ‘age of austerity’: a subject that has much relevance to the discourse of today.


– Drawn to Architecture exhibition at the Hostry, Norwich (installation view), 2014. Image © LSI Architects