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Holly Scholfield

MA Textile Design

Painted Cloth
A contradiction?

By examining the difference between the patterns represented in a 2D painting and those used in textile printing I have explored ideas of chaos and order, fluidity and structure.

Working on the 3D possibilities of brush marks on cloth I have been able to study the physicality of paint and colour and the dynamic collision of edge.

I am interested in the crossover between fashion and painting particularly pattern and textiles and the resulting interaction between foreground and background.

A series of photographs showing printed textiles in a space reinforces the cloth as a fluid image against a stable background.

This became the basis for a series of textiles, hand dyed printed and painted, to be worn on the body as scarf or blanket wrap capturing the mobility of fluid marks against a static position.


– Folded cloth (detail)

Folded cloth

– A collection of scarves

Painted cloth

– Painted cloth (detail)


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