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Erin Patel

MA Photography

Still Afterlife: A visual investigation into the physical beauty found in the destructive.

It could be said that we all have a personal relationship with alcohol. Our interaction with it can have both a temporary or a longer-term impact upon us and the environment in which we live. Afterlife is a visual, lens based study that investigates the destructive effects of alcohol, and considers the ethical issues concerning the photographic frame as a communicative device.

Through a combination of case study and experiential research, I have attempted to question and explore a range of photographic methods from raw documentary to the absolutely constructed. Finding inspiration in the works of Jeff Wall, Gillian Wearing and Corrine Day has allowed me to develop a conceptual framework in which to further my own visual sensibility.

With a combination of digital still photography, audio recordings and moving image I have created visual work that attempts to communicate the experiences I have witnessed whilst also furthering my own understanding of the ethical questions concerning photographic representation.

Photograph by Erin Patel

– 001, Erin Patel, 2014

Photograph by Erin Patel

– 002, Erin Patel, 2014

Photograph by Erin Patel

– 003, Erin Patel, 2014