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Emma Smith

MA Textile Design

Research title: Nature and the Modern Man: Engaging with nature in our urban environment.

Nature and the natural habitat is a continuous theme within my work. I am exploring how the artifice of modern man can be re-connected with his roots, bringing the immediate nature back into the lives of those who reside within the urban metropolis. Employing Norwich as my context, I am focusing on the re-gentrified residential areas of the Riverside Development; I was shocked at its modernization and how little nature remains.

C.G. Jung’s, ‘The earth has a soul’, considers natural life to be the “Nourishing soil of the soul”. In line with Jung’s ideology, my designs are born from the organic natural environment and the emerging nature surrounding the ever-growing urban metropolis, to recapture the soul that is lost. A colour scheme derived from natural and manmade colours surrounding Riverside, informs my handmade designs, mark making and lino printing. Inspired by traditional printing methods and contemporary practitioners, I hope to portray feelings of being in touch with nature, informing and re-engaging the audience with its hidden aspect. My aim is to produce a bespoke design collection for home interiors.

Emulsion on Fabriano paper

– ‘Nature in Riverside I’, Emulsion on Fabriano paper, 2014

Emulsion on Fabriano paper

– ‘Nature in Riverside II’, Emulsion on Fabriano paper, 2014