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Emma Lee Cracknell

MA Fine Art

Sensual ambiguity, desire and the deprivation of visual information form constant themes running throughout Emma Cracknell’s practice. As a painter, she uses these devices to comment on the drive that pulls us towards the void, the void being a place that presents both an unattainable goal, and a space that takes a metaphorical existence within her use of the visual language.

Drive, Desire, Ecstasy and Jouissance are terms that occur regularly within her practice, and they come to form a verbal summation of something that takes no real physical form. By using the visual language in the way that she does, and by exploiting the physicality of paint itself, Cracknell aims to create paintings that allow the audience to access these deep set emotions, and consider perhaps the point where they align their physicality with their subconscious.

The works, through their ambiguity, are subtly crafted and balanced in order to create paintings that carry a strong conceptual weight, but also function within their own physicality as beautiful objects of desire.


– I


– II




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