Image credits

Alice Bouttell

MA Moving Image and Sound

With a background in textiles and non-narrative animated visuals I am creating narrative led animations for the first time. My work utilizes a range of different animation techniques, bringing the hand made and digital together to form new tangible yet abstract moving images. In this work I have used salt and pigment on a multiplane with stop motion animation. The materials reference the imagery and themes of the content.

My final masters project focuses on coastal erosion and the destructive/healing nature of the sea. It is based on collaboration with my sister Helen Jeager, who wrote a poem from the viewpoint of the sea as a charming and sometimes aggressive lover to the land. The poem considers the irrepressible characteristics of the sea and relates them in the context of seduction.

I am concerned with the environmental impact the sea has on the UK coastline and the lack of government action taken to save our land. Paradoxically, I feel that natural forces have the right to lead our fate as the human race. With my film I want to remind people of the inevitable and constant changes taking place, which we are powerless to manipulate while also marvelling at the beauty of impermanence.


– Black Waves


– Foam Yes


View more work on Alice’s Vimeo page.