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Writing With Scissors: A Sideways Approach To Narrative Design

N170 Lecture Series

Professor Graham Rawle Inaugural Lecture

This lecture traces the 30-year development of Graham Rawle’s collage methodology from illustration and installation to literature and, more recently, film. Through his work in visual narrative, Graham has developed a fascination with the principles of storytelling and the design of narrative form, specifically 3-act structure, as a paradigm that can be employed in the development of design strategies across a wide range of disciplines.

His talk will reference his book Woman’s World—a novel collaged from 40,000 fragments of text cut from the pages of vintage women’s magazines—Diary of an Amateur Photographer, The Card, and his latest work-in-progress, Overland. He will discuss the interplay between text and image (or text as image) as a way to carry an additional narrative layer that is neither written nor illustrated, but emerges through the required reading of both to form a new language.

He will also touch on such diverse topics as industrial camouflage, Hollywood set design, painting by numbers and Bruce Forsyth’s toupee. .

Rawle will deliver his lecture at the Duke Street Lecture Theatre on Wednesday, 15 April 2015, 6 – 7pm. To book a place via our online store.

Graham Rawle

NUA Visiting Professor and Honorary Doc Graham Rawle

Graham Rawle

A close up of New Shoes by Graham Rawle