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    The Students’ Union is an independent, autonomous and democratic organization that exists to support and represent students and ensure their University experience is as exciting and rewarding as possible.

    The Union is recognised by the University as the formal voice of students and it liaises with NUA management to advocate on students’ behalf. The Union coordinates and trains Student Representatives, plans events and manages clubs and societies.

    The Union works in partnership with NUA to ensure that students have input into any decision concerning how students are taught, the provision of resources and the type of support they receive.

    The Students’ Union President is a member of the Board of Governors and has a strong working relationship with the Vice-Chancellor. This means that student views are heard and represented at the highest level.

    Student Reps

    The Students’ Union runs the Student Representative system. Student Representatives are elected from each year group and every course at NUA. They attend meetings with Course Leaders and tutors and are a part of the Student Reps Group that meets with NUA senior management.

    Reps communicate the views of students on their course and feed back important information to their peers. Every student is eligible to run for a Student Rep position and by being involved can develop key skills such as effective communication, time management and good organisation.


    The Union is governed by the Steering Committee. This is an elected group who meet 3 times a year to discuss the Union’s work. The Steering Committee approves the Union’s budget and strategy and works with the Students’ Union President to ensure the Union is working on behalf of students in the best way it can. As well as the Union’s own committee, students are represented on all University Committees.

    Clubs and Societies

    The Students’ Union funds and supports the running of all clubs and societies – everything from sports clubs to gaming societies, as well as cultural and faith groups.


    Storehouse is the Union’s official magazine. Released biannually and designed by students for students, it showcases work from across the institution.

    NUA Students Union Social Media

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    Support and advice

    The Students’ Union provides confidential and impartial help, support and advice on all matters relating to education and welfare. The Union operates an open-door policy, meaning that students can speak to a member of Union staff or the Students’ Union President; 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday with no need for an appointment.

    National Union of Students

    NUA Students’ Union is affiliated with the NUS, which enables the Students’ Union to give students a national voice and work collectively with Unions all over the UK. Whether on student housing, fees, or equality and diversity, the Students’ Union at NUA works with NUS to improve students’ lives.

    Get in touch

    NUA SU is based in our St Andrews House building, pop in for a biscuit or a cup of tea.
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