Sound Studios
  • Sound Studios

    The Sound Rooms are equipped with Adobe Audition for sound recording and basic editing plus Izotope audio cleanup software — ensuring students are able to produce professional sound for their projects.

    The sound production studios are available to all students across our courses, after a technical induction.

    Sound Production is based on the ground floor of the Monastery building and has three sound studios (MO7, MO11, & MO12) with a live recording room (MO9).

    To book a studio and/or the Live Room please refer to the ‘Sound Production Information’ on the Student Workshop Bookings page

    Bringing in Visitors, voice actors or performers

    When producing sound you may want to bring in an external visitor, please refer to the Actors, Voice Artists, & Musician Approval Page as you will need to complete important paperwork — please allow time for this, as visitors are not permitted in the studios without a visitor pass.

    Find the Sound Studios

    Rooms MO7, MO11, & MO12,
    Ground floor,
    Monastery building,
    Norwich NR3 1HW

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