Media Labs
  • Media Labs

    We have dedicated Media Labs for our media courses located across campus.

    The Monastery Media Lab is a fully refurbished Victorian school building which provides industry standard digital facilities, lecturing and presentation studios for the University’s Faculty of Arts and Media.

    A team of technicians support you with software and hardware for 3D production, video capture, video production and 2D animation using contemporary, professional-level software that tailors to your chosen course.

    Media Lab 1
    Media Lab 2
    The Monastery Media Lab

    Media Lab 1

    For digital 3D production: Software includes the ZBrush, Silo, Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite, Corel Painter and Adobe Creative Suite.

    Media Lab 2

    For video capture, edit and production as well as 2D animation: Final Cut Pro, Maya, Adobe Creative Suite.

    Find the Media Labs

    Rooms M25 & M26,
    Norwich NR3 1HW

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