Large Format Digital Printing
  • Large Format Digital Printing

    The Large Format Print Room offers wide format, laser, UV, vinyl, and CD printing, with on hand support from a team of workshop technicians.

    Digital Print

    You’ll use a comprehensive in-house print workshop equipped with professional-quality digital printers, capable of producing prints from A4 to 1m wide, on a variety of media at a fraction of the cost of going to a commercial printer.

    The Large Format Print Room provides a range of different print materials to produce your work. Materials include a variety of papers, as well as outdoor materials, canvas, and vinyl. We also have a UV printer that allows you to print directly to objects such as aluminium, acrylic, woods, and completely cylindrical objects such as bottles.

    See the VLE page for technical guides, material prices, and the process for submitting a file to print.

    Find the Large Format Print Room

    First floor GU112a,
    Guntons Building,
    30 St Georges Street,
    NR3 1BA

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