Digital Design Studios
  • Digital Design Studios

    A large, open plan design studio offering spaces for collaborative working, group crit sessions, and individual project work.

    The studios are made up of the Cutting Room (GU106), Finishing Room (GU111), Large Format Print Room (GU112a), as well as computer teaching rooms (GU102&108) and the Student IT Helpdesk (GU103).

    The studios give our students access to a wide range of resources — including laser cutting, 3D printing, UV printing, wire binding, laminating, foiling, and large format printing — as well as providing a space for an extensive range of design activities where you will have on-hand support from a team of workshop technicians.

    Further Information

    The design studios’ area on the VLE has a wealth of technical guides, handouts, and further information for the wide range of resources offered.

    Find the Digital Design Studios

    First floor,
    Guntons Building,
    30 St Georges Street,
    NR3 1BA

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