Campus facilities

Campus facilities

Look around our city centre campus and you will find studios, media labs, and creative spaces in 11 buildings that sit among the cafés, bars, independent galleries and shops of Norwich’s cultural quarter.

In 2018, our buildings won a THELMA Award for outstanding buildings and was nominated for a Guardian University Award for buildings that inspire.

Where history meets hi-tech

Our award-winning campus combines medieval to modern architecture on the outside, and contemporary tech and industry-standard tools on the inside.

Our historic studios have high ceilings and windows that flood rooms with natural light – the perfect place to design, make and create.

Norwich is a city where inspiration can be found on every street corner and NUA’s campus is a launch pad to explore your ideas.

Specialist facilities, expert technicians

Our dedicated studios and fully-equipped workshops have been designed to help you build specialist knowledge and flourish in your chosen discipline.

Introductory sessions with expert technicians will give you the chance to develop essential skills, from traditional craft and contemporary digital design to print and production techniques.

Our workshops are always a fertile ground for sharing ideas with students from other courses – a spark for creative collaboration across disciplines.