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'Today is Newer than Yesterday' painting by Francesca Blomfield as part of Jerwood Painting Fellowships

‘Today is Newer than Yesterday’ – © Francesca Blomfield

Jerwood Painting Fellowships

Francesca Blomfield, Archie Franks and Dale Lewis

7 February – 1 April 2017
Tuesday – Saturday: 12 – 5pm, free admission.
East GalleryNUA

Norwich University of the Arts is delighted to continue its long-standing venue partnership with Jerwood Charitable Foundation and to support the development of creative talent by showcasing the outcome of these Fellowships.

Jerwood Painting Fellowships 2016 presents new works by three outstanding early career painters. Francesca Blomfield, Archie Franks and Dale Lewis. The trio were selected from over 400 applicants to undertake a year-long mentoring programme supported by three eminent UK-based painters: Phoebe Unwin, Jane Harris and Dan Coombs. Each Fellow also received a £10,000 bursary to support the development of their work, their practice and ideas.

This is the third edition of the Jerwood Painting Fellowships, which was launched by Jerwood Charitable Foundation in 2010 to provide critical support for exceptional painters embarking on their professional careers. The work that the Fellows are showing in this exhibition demonstrates a significant leap forward for each of them.

Francesca Blomfield’s latest series of works take limousine interiors, tagliatelle, and human hair as the basis for experimenting with colour systems and painterly textures. Over the past year she has been incorporating text into her paintings, adding a narrative dimension, which she has also begun to supplement with accompanying text publications. Her mentor Phoebe Unwin discusses the past year: “During the Fellowship… I have seen Francesca experiment and take creative risks, as well as build on and refine her painting approach in very interesting ways. She has used chalky colour, pattern and dramatic changes in scale to explore her subjects. Having got to know the work of all three Fellows, I anticipate an exhibition which is ambitious, diverse and spirited.”

Archie Franks painting as part of Jerwood Painters

‘Super Chariot Racer’ – © Archie Franks

Archie Franks manipulates familiar motifs, from both the art historical past and contemporary life, to produce dreamlike paintings that often exude a haunting, gothic feel, regardless of how elevated or commonplace the subject matter. He sees painting as an investigative process, and as a means of interrogating imagery to yield further complexity. His mentor Jane Harris shares her thoughts on the mentoring process: “It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with Archie this year. He has had a very productive and focused time exploring ways to expand his repertoire of imagery and experimenting in a variety of ways with paint handling, format and scale. In developing both his paintings and watercolours Archie has been creating compelling works of disquieting wit and atmosphere.”

Dale Lewis Champagne painting as part of Jerwood Painters

‘Champagne’ – © Dale Lewis

Drawing largely upon personal memories and associations, Dale Lewis’s large-scale works are both humorous and unsettling. Focusing on banal and under-represented aspects of life, the vigour and energy with which the works are made complement the rawness of the urban environments he depicts. “Over the past months Dale has released years of experience onto the canvas. The subjects he paints range from the tragic, the dramatic, the funny, the unnerving, to the stupid” explains his mentor Dan Coombs. “The compositions distribute an energy through the figures and across the painting, yet there is another level of relationship between figures and their surroundings which is acutely observed and rings very true.”

Painting by Archie Franks, 'Fragment'

Jerwood Painting Fellowships: In Conversation Event

Friday 17 March 1.30pm, East GalleryNUA

East GalleryNUA warmly welcomes Shonagh Manson, the Director of the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and a panel of invited guests with NUA staff to consider what it is to be a painter today as well as discuss the current gallery exhibition, Jerwood Painting Fellowships 2016. Free to attend with no booking required.

Tarantulas Do Roam painting by Francesca Blomfield

Jerwood Painting Fellowships artists in conversation event

Friday 24 February 2017 – 1.30pm, East GalleryNUA

As part of Jerwood Painting Fellowships at East GalleryNUA, BA (Hons) Fine Art Course Leader, Carl Rowe leads a conversation with Francesca Blomfield and Archie Franks. All welcome, admission free and no booking required.

Chamgpagne by Dale Lewis

Jerwood Painting Fellowships artist in conversation event

Friday 3 March 2017 – 1.30pm, East GalleryNUA

As part of Jerwood Painting Fellowships at East GalleryNUA, BA (Hons) Fine Art Senior Lecturer, Craig Barber leads a conversation with Dale Lewis. All welcome, admission free and no booking required.

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