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One Thousand Sketches

– Colin Self
30 October – 24 November 2012

In conjunction with the James Hyman Gallery, London

One Thousand Sketches brings to light a unique and dazzling display of works by the legendary pop artist Colin Self. Self’s production and collection of works include rapid sketches, mementoes, assemblage and collage which evoke feelings of restlessness and immersion within the mind of the viewer. Self uses diverse means and subject matter to create an array of kaleidoscopic imagery from printed and torn materials featuring thematic diversity and comedic elements such as cartoons, hot dogs and rabbits in hutches.

In his printmaking and use of found objects Self displays an irreverent and obsessive devotion to sketching. An important and widely exhibited figure in British Art, Self attended Norwich School of Art before attending the Slade in the 1960s. His earlier Pop Art eloquently characterised the paranoia and fear of nuclear weapons, nuclear power and the Cold War. Based in Norfolk, Self paints landscapes as well as addressing a wide range of themes and ideas in various media. His practice epitomises an artistic exploration which delivers a unique, compelling and sometimes idiosyncratic vision of the world with huge skill and technical expertise.

The Gallery at NUA is delighted to be hosting this exhibition and to offer a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the artist’s work in the specific and historic context of the ‘Art School’.

Newspaper and paint collage

– Work by Colin Self

The Gallery at NUA exterior

The Gallery at NUA

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