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Apply for Statutory Support

You are strongly advised to apply for your financial support as soon as possible to ensure that your application is processed by the start of the academic year.

You may also want to look at the various student bank accounts on offer to UK students as many will offer financial advice and other services and products for new students.

If you have any concerns or queries about your financial support or wish to seek further advice from the University, please do not hesitate to email student.finance@nua.ac.uk.

Students living in England

If you live in England and are starting a university course in September, but haven’t yet applied for your student loans, you need to take action immediately. Go online today at www.gov.uk/studentfinance, register and completed your student finance application as soon as possible. Don’t leave it any longer – the sooner you apply, the more likely you are to have all your money in place for the start of term.

Your application is only complete when you have done all of the following:

  • Register to set up online account
    You need to set up your account before you can apply – go to www.gov.uk/studentfinance and click on register and apply for finance.
  • Complete and submit online
    You must correctly fill in all of the sections of the online application that apply to you and provide all the information that Student Finance England ask you for. Once you’ve completed this remember to press ‘SUBMIT APPLICATION’.
  • Supply evidence
    You must send all of the evidence Student Finance England asks for immediately – this may include financial evidence for from your parents, step-parents or your parents’ partners.
  • Sign and return online declaration form
    Once you have submitted your application online, Student Finance England will make available on your account your ‘Student Declaration Form’ which you must sign and return immediately, as your student finance will not be released without this. This only applies to online applications, if you have completed a paper copy of the application form you do not have to return a separate declaration form. If you’ve already completed your student finance application, you don’t need to do anything further at this stage.

Don’t forget your maintenance loans will be paid in three instalments, one at the beginning of each term, but only once you register on your course. Your Tuition Fee Loan is paid directly to us on your behalf.

Students living in Wales

Students wishing to apply for support should go to Student Finance Wales for more information.

Students living in Scotland

The Student Awards Agency for Scotland provides advice to Scottish students in Higher Education throughout the UK.

Students living in Northern Ireland

Information for students from Northern Ireland will be made available via the Northern Ireland Education and Library Boards.

Students living in the EU (non-UK)

EU students will be required to pay the same tuition fees as UK students. They will have the option to defer fees in the same way as UK students until after they leave their studies. Students from the EU will only be entitled to tuition fee support and should seek advice about eligibility for help with maintenance costs from the www.gov.uk/studentfinance.

Students living in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man

Applications should be made to your local authority for an assessment to be made. Support may be available for any student wishing to study on the mainland.

  • Guernsey Tel. 01481 733000 or email grants@education.gov.gg
  • Jersey Tel. 01534 449450 or email studentfinance@gov.je
  • Isle of Man Tel. 01624 685822 or email studentgrants@doe.gov.im

Non-EU Students

For students living outside the EU there is no financial assistance. Tuition fees will be charged at the full cost.

Additional support

Additional financial support is available for certain categories of students. This includes:

  • Special Support Grant
  • Childcare Grant
  • Adults Dependents Grant
  • Parents Learning Allowance
  • Financial Support Fund
  • Disabled Students Allowance
  • Child Tax Credit

Further information on other help is available at www.gov.uk/studentfinance.

How can you find out more?

To learn more about loans, repayment calculations and other financial support go to www.gov.uk/student-finance/overview. If you have any questions about fees please don’t hesitate to email student.finance@nua.ac.uk.

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