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Campus Facilities

The campus comprises eight buildings in and around the pedestrianised St. Georges Street, in the centre of Norwich.

Each space has its own identity including Duke Street Building, which houses the Library; the Monastery Media Lab, a world-class digital design centre; The Garth, a converted 13th century monastic remain and the centre for photography; the Guntons Design and Fashion studios; and St. Georges with the traditional high ceilings and huge windows making it the ideal studio space for Fine Art as well as the recently renovated RIBA award winning Boardman House. The result is an extraordinary, inspirational and unique creative environment.

Campus life

A snapshot of campus life at Norwich University of the Arts.

Students in workshop looking at work at Norwich University of the Arts


Workshops provide specialised resources and are staffed by experienced, enthusiastic professionals, including graduates and practising artists, committed to ensuring you can realise your own creative aspirations. The workshops are a central resource, organised and managed to provide a professional and supportive environment, maintained with highly competent and knowledgeable staff.

The workshops include:

  • Animation

  • Digital 3D

  • Digital Design

  • Digital Video Editing

  • Drawing
  • Etching
  • Fashion
  • Laser Cutting
  • Metal
  • Photography

  • Printed and Constructed Textiles

  • Printmaking and Photomedia 

  • Sound
  • Wood
Students in Film Studio at Norwich University of the Arts

Film studio

Professional Film Production Studio equipped with Canon EOS C500 cameras, green screen and control room.

Boardman House

Architecture studios

NUA’s architecture studios are based in the new architecture building, Boardman House.

Student in NUA Textile Design studios


Individual studio space is provided for all full-time students of art and design, while media have extensive access to digital media workstations.

Sarah Horton's exhibition in the window of East Gallery

East GalleryNUA

East GalleryNUA is an exciting, city centre gallery space showcasing the best modern and contemporary art through its curated exhibitions programme. Exhibitions are originated by NUA or the result of collaborations with a range of significant national and international partners. As part of NUA co-hosting the UK’s biggest touring exhibition, British Art Show 8, East GalleryNUA served as one of the campus based venues with talks, workshops and discussions held alongside work by Nicolas Deshayes, Yuri Pattison and Magali Reus. Find out more about East GalleryNUA.

Work on display by Sarah Horton.


Digital UX Lab

Our Digital UX Research Lab, or User Testing Lab, tests how users respond to digital products or services. This type of research is valuable because it can give quantitative, practical information about usability but also a rich depth of qualitative information about their responses. It can identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement. It can be used throughout the design process or to test an existing digital product or service.

The exterior of Cavendish House, Norwich University of the Arts

Ideas FactoryNUA

Ideas FactoryNUA is the University’s newly renovated incubation space for digital start-ups. Its high spec offices are leased to a number of new creative businesses launched by NUA graduates, while the open-plan hatchery offers desk space for freelancers seeking a foot-hold in their business with a prestigious city centre location.

Picture depicting the Norwich University of the Arts Student's Union

The Students’ Union

The purpose of the Students’ Union is to support and represent students and make their experience of the University as exciting and rewarding as possible. The Students’ Union is based in the Duke Street Building.

Student sits at computer at Norwich University of the Arts Library


The Library is a specialist art/design/architecture/media library and provides access to both physical and online collections. There are 33,000 books, over 500 journal titles, DVDs, games and special collections. There are study spaces throughout the Library, including computers in the main Library area and a dedicated Library computer room. The Library staff are on hand to provide support via the help-desk, orientation sessions and through an active intranet presence. Find out more about the Library’s resources.

Library resources

Lynda logo BoB logo

The Library provides access to a wide variety of electronic resources available to you including e-books, e-journals, image databases style and trend websites and market research data. This includes ‘bob’ – an on demand TV and radio platform for Education and Lynda.com, an online education platform offering courses and workshops in creative, technical and business skills led by industry experts.

Media Lab

Digital Media

The University has invested significantly in hardware and software that is professionally relevant and suitable for its diverse range of academic opportunities. IT resources can be accessed in the workshops, library, computer-teaching rooms, seminar rooms, and at numerous terminals available throughout the campus. A centrally located Student IT Helpdesk provides advice and support for using IT resources, including email.

Digital darkroom

Online Resources

Wi-fi internet access is available across the campus. Library catalogues and study guides are accessed online and students are subscribed to an expanding number of web-based arts, design and media databases. The intranet, available both on and off site, provides access to course and student support information, and the virtual learning environment facilitates interactive online learning. Through the managed learning environment students have access to a developing range of information sources, including personal assessment results. Every student is provided with a web email address to use during their studies.

Media Resource Centre staff dismantles lighting equipment

Media Resource Centre

Portable equipment for location filming including lighting sets, dolly kits, film and digital video and audio recording kits with relevant accessories.

Guest Lecturer presenting at Duke Street Lecture Theatre, NUA

Teaching Resources

The Lecture Theatre, seminar rooms and computer teaching suite offer a comprehensively equipped suite of facilities optimised for the teaching delivery and presentation requirements of all courses.

Student in the shop

The Shop @ NUA

NUA has its own art materials shop, open daily, which sells a wide range of basic and specialist art supplies at discounted prices.