Research students

Research students

Find out more about the students currently conducting research at Norwich University of the Arts.

Current Research Students

Marc Atkinson

In Transition: People, landscape and nature in the East Anglian edgelands. Exploring methods for representing historical, contemporary and transitory relationships using multimedia as a tool for communication and debate.

This practice-based research project aims to generate a body of lens-based outcomes that document the places of work, leisure and living spaces of migrant agricultural workers in East Anglia. Specific areas to be documented include large agricultural businesses and borders between these sites and the wider countryside.

To inform this practice, the research will include interviews and portrait sessions with migrant agricultural workers, specialists in biodiversity, charities supporting migrants and agricultural employers. Outcomes from the project include a body of work that examines and represents the impact of large-scale agriculture and migration on our understanding of community and landscape.


Kazuko Morohashi
The role of design in family experience at cultural sites

James Quinn
Screen/Space: A critical re-appraisal and re-alignment of the viewing screen by means of an experimental body of fine art practice centered on viewer perceptual and spatial disruption.

Amy Goodwin
The archive as a space for dubious, disputed and subverted narrative: employing the illustrative turn in order to reestablish identities for fairground women

Paul Vousden
The Legacy of the Burkean Sublime: Representations of the British Landscape in Visual Art

Examples of Completed Research Degrees

Dr Sam Ismail-Epps
Artists’ Pages: The Function of the Page in Conceptual Art 1966 – 1973
Nicola Simpson
Right mind-minding: The Transmission and Practice of Zen and Vajrayana Buddhist Method Practices in the poem objects of Dom Sylvester Houédard, 1960-1975
Dr Katherine Hewlett
An investigation of thinking in dyslexic creative visual artists: a socio-cultural perspective

Paul Cope
The Classroom Art Demonstration as Pedagogical Art Practice

Dr Sarah Horton
Decoration: Disrupting the Workplace and Challenging the Work of Art

Dr John Boursnell
The unsound object and the intimate space

Dr Catherine Dormor
Material Matrices: Haptic, Scopic and Textile

Dr Mary MacMaster
Growing Old for Real: Women, image and identity

Dr Joanna Sperryn-Jones
Breaking as making: In what ways can making sculpture contribute to understanding experiences and perceptions of breaking?

Dr Jodie Wick
The Infrastructure of the Animation Industry in the East of England between 2009 & 2011

Dr Mark Wilsher
Negotiation Theory and the Critique of Dialogue in Dialogical and Relational Ar

Dr Maxine Bristow
Pragmatics of attachment and detachment: medium (un)specificity as material agency in contemporary art

Subject to student’s agreement, an electronic version of final theses will be placed on the University repository and the British Library e-thesis online service EThOS through which it will be readily available online for public access.


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