Research Students

Research Students

Find out more about the students currently conducting research at Norwich University of the Arts.

Current Research Students

Amanda Geitner Roger Ackling – Work and Teaching 1969 to 2014
Abbie Cairns Interrogating Artist-Teacher identity formation in Adult Community Learning
Marian Saunders Free Movement: How does audio-visual innovation and digital choreography lead to changes in contemporary collaborative performance art?
Jeanette Bolton-Martin Spectral Shores: vanishing places and haunted spaces. Coastal Erosion and its effect on perceptions of time and the cultural construction of coastal landscapes
Dominic Bradbury The Work of Richard Seifert & Denys Lasdun: A Comparative Study of Their Buildings and Reputations.
Kazuko Morohashi
The role of design in family experience at cultural sites
Paul Vousden
The Legacy of the Burkean Sublime: Representations of the British Landscape in Visual Art

Examples of Completed Research Degrees

Amy Goodwin
The archive as a space for dubious, disputed and subverted narrative: employing the illustrative turn in order to reestablish identities for fairground women
James Quinn
Screen/Space: A critical re-appraisal and re-alignment of the viewing screen by means of an experimental body of fine art practice centered on viewer perceptual and spatial disruption.
Dr Sam Ismail-Epps
Artists’ Pages: The Function of the Page in Conceptual Art 1966 – 1973
Nicola Simpson
Right mind-minding: The Transmission and Practice of Zen and Vajrayana Buddhist Method Practices in the poem objects of Dom Sylvester Houédard, 1960-1975
Dr Katherine Hewlett
An investigation of thinking in dyslexic creative visual artists: a socio-cultural perspective
Paul Cope
The Classroom Art Demonstration as Pedagogical Art Practice
Dr Sarah Horton
Decoration: Disrupting the Workplace and Challenging the Work of Art
Dr John Boursnell
The unsound object and the intimate space
Dr Catherine Dormor
Material Matrices: Haptic, Scopic and Textile
Dr Mary MacMaster
Growing Old for Real: Women, image and identity
Dr Joanna Sperryn-Jones
Breaking as making: In what ways can making sculpture contribute to understanding experiences and perceptions of breaking?
Dr Jodie Wick
The Infrastructure of the Animation Industry in the East of England between 2009 & 2011
Dr Mark Wilsher
Negotiation Theory and the Critique of Dialogue in Dialogical and Relational Ar
Dr Maxine Bristow
Pragmatics of attachment and detachment: medium (un)specificity as material agency in contemporary art

Subject to student’s agreement, an electronic version of final theses will be placed on the University repository and the British Library e-thesis online service EThOS through which it will be readily available online for public access.


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