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Our students are our greatest advocates. Read about their opinions on their course.


To come to NUA has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Veronica Domingo Alonso
Fine Art graduate

The MA has more professional content. On the BA you can do your own projects and pursue the areas that interest you and this is similar on the MA but with the MA you are more independent and have more freedom in devising your learning agreement. The course is mostly practical but this is supported by essays and a reflective journal which provides the context. To work in contemporary practice you need to understand the context.

Veronica Domingo Alonso
MA Fine Art graduate

It was really valuable to pursue a formal course and to have to prioritise time to concentrate on my work – the tutorials, critiques and deadlines mean that you have to get on with it. The other aspect which was fantastic for me was the workshops and technical support which enabled me to learn loads and to completely change my work two thirds of the way through the course. I took a module on web design and that’s been very useful, for designing and managing my own site but also for understanding and working with coding in other contexts.

Barbara Dougan
MA Fine Art graduate

Working with other students and understanding what was driving their creative process was really valuable and the tutors and technicians did everything possible to help us develop our ideas.

Karey Shinn
MA Fine Art graduate