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Our students are our greatest advocates. Read about their opinions on their course.


The MA is really about your professional development and not just whilst you are on the course but also where you are heading.

Kate Cooper
Fashion graduate

The MA offered exactly the qualities I was looking for; an emphasis on practical skills and craftsmanship as well as creative and conceptual ideas. The projects that we worked on during the year were very much self directed, however the course provided a structure that I found very useful as a framework. The professional approach to meeting criteria and deadlines meant that it was challenging at times, but I found being in a hard working, high energy environment invigorating and rewarding.

Romilly Quay
MA Fashion graduate

I knew the reputation of NUA and I knew the facilities were good. When I came on the Open Day I just wanted to get started and try everything. Some people think you have to be in London to study Fashion but you don’t, the quality of teaching here is so good and you get so much more one-to-one time. I had heard of Sue Chowles and knew she had written the course at Brighton which made it a destination course and so when I heard she had written the course at NUA I was keen to study here.

Kate Cooper
MA Fashion graduate