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Our students are our greatest advocates. Find out what they have to say about studying communication design at NUA.


I only considered specialist creative universities because the workshops, facilities, library and teaching will all be geared towards creative subjects.

Lucas Yeung
Communication Design graduate

One of the most valuable aspects of the course was the absolute freedom to pursue projects on a much larger scale both in terms of complexity and timeframe. This approach encouraged me to explore areas outside of my comfort zone and move into avenues I probably would never have thought of, if I was designing purely for a corporate mentality.

For example within my practice I was influenced by fine art techniques which allowed me to be more experimental and then hone my ideas and creative decisions. Process, theory and methodology; these were the three terms that were at the forefront of every new project. They helped me ground my work, structure it and gave me the confidence to be innovative.

Luke Burroughs
MA Communication Design graduate

I like that we can attend workshops in a range of areas and learn different things. I’ve taken part in workshops in sculpture, painting, silk screen – it has really broadened my horizons. Seminars are good because the classes are small. The tutors talk about our work and we also get feedback from our peers – which is really valuable. We’ve had group projects where we work with students not on our course. It’s good to work with people with other skills and to get different perspectives from other disciplines.

Lucas Yeung
MA Communication Design graduate

The facilities at NUA are second to none. The library resources and the marketing and research databases we can assess would have cost hundreds of pounds alone. The MA has taught me that the design process is not just about research and outcome; it is about developing my own ideology and methodology. I’ve developed my ideas with the support of senior lecturers, visiting professionals and through workshops. It’s given my career a complete recharge.

Mark Amos
MA Communication Design student