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Sebastian Berkeley

MA Games

My interest in different cultures and how they can merge together has led me to the concept of Syncretism, the merging or assimilation of several, originally separate, traditions (such as theology and mythology of religion). This led me to produce a fictional civilisation with a single unified culture for which. I have generated the workspace of a paranormal investigator.

For this project my research was inspired by field research undertaken in Japan. In developing my work as an asset designer I chose to merge traditional Japanese architecture with 1920’s Art Deco design and culture, concentrating particularly on interior design and folklore.

It is important to me to produce work that conforms to industry standards and part of my research time has been spent investigating the latest techniques. To achieve this, an understanding of visual storytelling was key to indicating a narrative and suggesting what kind of world can be inhabited as a player or observed as a viewer. My portfolio piece, using contemporary pipelines of production presents viewers with a believable merger of cultures with the potential to become the style basis for an entire game world.

MA Catalogue imagery by Amy Ollett at Norwich University of the Arts

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