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Raquel Jimenez Cid

MA Communication Design

As the popular saying states, “we are what we eat”. My research is born out of a personal decision I made almost a year ago, which was to stop eating meat and to start following a vegetarian diet. I come from Spain, well-known for its cuisine based mostly on animal products, and where being vegetarian or vegan is questioned and criticised as being harmful for health. This viewpoint has lead me to explore the benefits of vegetarian and vegan diets and challenge such thinking, so they may become popular eating options in the near future.

My work attempts to create an identity that brings vegetarianism and veganism together. The aim is to champion these lifestyles not just for being a positive and healthy option for people, but for also being beneficial for the environment.

The work was produced through an iterative design process and the application of different methodologies such as case studies and questionnaires. A brand identity was developed for the initiative and applied in a publication that provides useful information regarding history, nutritional advice and the pros and cos about vegetarianism and veganism, as well as simple and delicious recipes. I believe in eating as a way to nourish my body, do you?

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Work by Raquel Jimenez at Norwich University of the Arts
Work by Raquel Jimenez at Norwich University of the Arts

– We Are What We Eat

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