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Neal Troughton

MA Games

My research has focused on using my existing games design skills to develop a traditional table-top game, such as chess and dungeons and dragons. This arose from a desire to revisit games that inspired me from childhood, in order to better understand game creation from a different perspective.

Because I am interested in (animal welfare/environmentalism) my games also have an educational aspect. The plight of bees and the possible impact of their decline on crops and food production made this an ideal subject for a game.

I feel I could help raise awareness of these issues within the game, by use of imagery and clever use of game mechanics, such as mite infestations, neo-nicotinoids and more as hazards in the game.

The game is about gathering, with bee hives fighting for resources to survive. Drawing on my skills in sculpting, vector based drawing, concept-design and playtesting, I have investigated ways to make the game upgradable, with varied interchangeable segments of board, unique playing pieces and cards.

I am also researching the use of 3D printing, and considering traditional techniques used to make table top game pieces.

MA Catalogue imagery by Amy Ollett at Norwich University of the Arts

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