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Megan Jayne Ryder

MA Curation

Moving away from the typical ‘white cube’ design, associated with curatorial practice, my research has focused on providing a unique viewing experience by generating alternative exhibition formats. I approach curation with a desire to engage a range of the viewers’ senses and my exhibitions are intended to encourage exploration, playfulness and, most importantly, create a conversation surrounding contemporary art.

From my background as an art historian, my approach to the planning of exhibitions relies upon a research-based approach. Often my thought process responds to the theoretical writing of theorists with an interest in the expansion of interactive and participatory art, e.g. Claire Bishop and Mark Wilsher.

As a result, I have centered my own research on questions of how contemporary art is increasingly rejecting the experience of ‘passive viewing’. Art is no longer exclusively looked at. Instead, audiences are encouraged to walk across, lay within, touch and listen. This progression is reflected through the increasing number of exhibitions in the UK since the millennium involving interactive and participatory art.

I curate exhibitions that motivate the audience to use multiple senses. Art should be accessible to all and my research demonstrates that this can be achieved by encouraging new ways of engaging.

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