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Mattis Wiedmann

MA Fine Art

Searching for meaning in an uncertain world, nothing seems sufficient. We are told at varying intervals to avoid meaning or find it everywhere. I have extensively researched frameworks ranging from the metaphysical to the empirical, in my search for a modern reality, finding a breadth of thought that is truly humbling, and reducing me to an insignificant speck within a vast and ongoing narrative. In this context we are merely students of something impossibly large and difficult to understand. Ultimately, this humility shatters the hubris of art, taking its sensibilities and revealing them as entirely insignificant.

This realisation has generated a host of thoughts. My research into the work of various philosophers and theorists including Nietzsche and Habermas, has led me to draw parallels between a dearth of sincerity within the fine arts and the existential madness that grips contemporary civilization. It could be argued that Postmodern Nihilism have replaced religion as an opiate, and that the despondency of creative thought at its apex takes the form of contemporary artistic practice. Egotistically, it claims merits not reflected in public reactions, and its rejection of sincerity for unrelenting irony, creates a catch-22 of conceptual excuses that result in a self-propagating creative void.

MA Catalogue imagery by Amy Ollett at Norwich University of the Arts

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