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Mark Mann

MA Textile Design

Acts of gross indecency: The Queer domestic interior

Interior decoration does ideological work by announcing its difference from the public world. Nowhere is this statement more true than in the queer domestic interior.

The aim of my Masters project was to explore the hidden histories of gay men who made domestic environments in a time when homosexuality was still illegal and to use this research to create a showcase collection which celebrates and raises awareness of our queer hidden history.

Pre-1967 queer environments, public or private, were often fleeting because of the risk of exposure. Codes and conventions of homosexual culture would often have to be subtle and subversive to avoid raising suspicion.

The utopia that some gay men found in their domestic havens while others were forced into despair and exile from their object of desire (both human and material), is an under-researched area not reflected in media representations of queer culture.

Queer homes are now often looked at with admiration and mystification, sometimes with a hint of condescension though straight eyes. However, this is to underestimate the bravery of men who dared to create and define spaces that were uniquely their own in a hostile world.

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MA Catalogue imagery by Amy Ollett at Norwich University of the Arts

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